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artikel video game terlaris March 16, 2011

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This week, Call of Duty: Black Ops become the best-selling game of all time in the United States after successfully sold 13.7 million units on all platforms, five months after release.

This game had record sales the first day when it was released last November 2010 and received revenues of more than $ 1 billion before the end of the year. Hardware So that was launched on Wednesday (16/03/2011).

Despite criticism of its users because of some problems such as the PlayStation 3 which often freeze forcing penggua reset, or the connection broke suddenly in an online session with many players. The game is still popular and continue to occupy top positions in the U.S. game ratings.

Today, research firm NPD statistics show if the Black Ops have exceeded the Wii Play as the best-selling game of all time in the U.S..

Black Ops is a product developer Activision Blizzard, which also issued other popular games, like Guitar Hero. Unfortunately, Guitar Hero had to ‘retire’ after Activision decided to no longer release the latest version of the iconic game that, last February.



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