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Thousands of people willing March 17, 2010

Posted by teknologi2 in News.

Crocs shoes like magic for the urban community. And brought the image antibau, ergonomic, lightweight, comfortable, and antimicrobials, rubber shoes bearing the crocodile managed to fashion trends in the country.

Thousands of people willing to queue for hours and jostling for having. They seemed to not want to lose the chance ‘gold’ has shoes costing USD 450 thousand to USD 1.4 million was at a discount up to 70 percent.

The line was snaking since 0700, although the outlets footwear products from China under the brand holder’s new Colorado opened at 09.30. In fact, a security guard said there were visitors who had come in at 05.00.

Many visitors end revenge action by buying sneakers closed celled. A grandmother from Cikampek, Festival Festival, 50 to buy shoes. “This is for my grandchildren, but there is also a surrogate brother ya,” he said after successfully passing a line through the seven floors it.

BLTMelihat queue line prospect that it reinforces the social inequality in this country. As they crowded around to get the expensive shoes, thousands of poor people huddled in line Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) or charity in holiday times.

Sociologist Imam B Prasodjo explains, the composition of the social pyramid in this country is not balanced. The number of poor people is too large, although there are some people who entered the ranks of the world’s richest people.

According to him, the condition is due to government policy which is more profitable modern sector. Thus, the poor who mostly do not develop the traditional pattern. “It makes people line up needs of the poor, the rich ngantre lifestyle,” he said.



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