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brother Dulmatin March 9, 2010

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Fugitive terrorists Dulmatin alias alias Joko Pitono Usmanan Noval Amar aka aka Joko Pitoyo aalias Pitono, Abdul Matin alias alias alias Djoko Congress, allegedly killed in the raids in Pamulang, Tuesday, March 9, 2010.

Confirmed, brother Dulmatin, Azzam babud said until now the family has not received the news of death. “Officially we have not received the news and did not know it was Dulmatin,” he said when interviewed TVOne, Tuesday, March 9, 2010.

Plus he, local police officers are not officially ask her. “I even asked back,” he added.

Azzam said the family did not know the name of Dulmatin. Why? “My sister called Amar Usmanan,” he said.

It has long been the family does not meet with Dulmatin alias Amar. “Wow, last seen so long ago. Since he married us apart and have each family.’s Been so long 10 years,” said Azzam.

He explained, Amar is a good person, industrious, intelligent, and pious. “We firmly believe that not be a Amar, my brother did something like that,” he added.

Families are also not sure Dulmatin alias Amar experts make bombs. He just graduated from high school.

“Finally just graduated from high school, worked as an entrepreneur, my sister could not terrorists with existing capabilities,” said Azzam.

Families also not sure the network related Dulmatin Jamaah Islamiyah (JI). “JI is a big network, not possible, from the language he did not know other than Indonesian,” said Azzam.

“I do not think my brother probably did a very large, spectacular,” he added.

However, Azzam claimed half a body image is often seen on television and the list of fugitives is true Amar, her sister.

“When I first saw pictures sketches instead, the half-body photos yes. But we are still in doubt,” he explained.

Dulmatin is an Indonesian citizen who had trained in Afghanistan. He electronics expert and experts to make bombs. He is a member of Azahari and Noordin M Top.



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